Interview with… Mona Barthel

Crédit photo : @Tennisandco

Crédit photo : @Tennisandco

She is one of the numerous talented German players on the WTA tour, and while she has just started her 2016 season in Auckland few days ago, Mona Barthel has very kindly taken some of her time to answer my questions. After a pretty difficult and unlucky start due to illnesses and injuries in 2015, Mona had a really solid second part of the year and aims to keep that good level for the whole season in 2016. Unfortunately, Mona hasn’t been very lucky for her 1st match of the season in Auckland, but with health and a bit of confidence, Mona and her smooth game can have some good expectations and things could rapidly go her way again! Apart from this, Mona Barthel also talks here about her coaching situation, her creative personality, and many other things 🙂

First of all, after a long season I hope you enjoyed a really well deserved rest and holidays… And now you just started your 2016 season few days ago… how went your off-season preparation and do you feel 100% ready ?
I had a nice offseason, where I trained mostly at home. It was so good to have that time recharging for the new season. I think I made some good improvements and I am feeling ready for the new challenges.

You have been pretty unlucky with illnesses and injuries in 2015 unfortunately, but you still managed to finish the year into the top 50… What are your goals for this new season ?
First of all to stay healthy! That is the most important thing. And secondly I would like to play a whole season on a constantly good level. I had a good second half of 2015 and I would like to keep that going and build on top of that.

I know you worked with Jerôme Adamec at the end of the last season and during the pre-season, but it’s the case anymore… So what’s your coaching situation at the moment ?
The coaching situation didn’t change for me and I will keep on working with Soenke Capell. I never stopped working with him, I just had an agreement for two tournaments with Jerome and that was great to get some additional feedback. I think Soenke and I are working really well together. We know each other for years and we are from the same town, which makes things much easier.

2016 will be a very special year for every athletes with the Olympic Games in Rio… You already had the chance to be part of the Olympics in London in 2012 and I guess it’s a big goal for you to be there again ?
It would be great to be part of the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. It is always special representing your country. In Germany we have so many good players so it is tough to be part of the team, but I will try to give my best.

What is or are the things you’re the most proud of in your career so far…
There are a lot of things. Of course I am really proud of all my titles on the WTA tour, but I thing I am even more proud of all the things I learned along the way. Every week is different and you always have to adapt. You always have to deal with new challenges and you are always evolving.

Crédit photo : @Tennisandco

Crédit photo : @Tennisandco

What looks like a typical day in Mona Barthel’s life on the WTA tour ?
Every day is different, which is a good thing, but it is also quite challenging, because you don’t have daily routine.

You have a pretty creative personality, we saw I again with your lovely Christmas ornaments 🙂 I know you also designed your own clothes sometimes… is it still the case ?
Thank you! I love to try out new things and getting creative. Right now I am not designing my clothes, I am getting them by a brand called Denise Cronwall. She makes really nice clothes and I am really happy representing them.

Do you have any New Year resolution ?
I normally don’t have any New Year’s resolution. If I want to change something, I normally try to do it immediately.

And to finish, some quick fire questions 🙂

Favourite surface ? Hard
Favourite tournament ? Bastad and Stuttgart
Favourite city ? Hamburg
Favourite singer ? Taylor Swift
Favourite movie ? Anything that makes me laugh 🙂
Favourite TV show ? The Big Bang theory
Interests away from tennis ? Healthy living and healthy eating

Once again I would like to warmly thanks Mona and her mother for their time and their kindness! I wish Mona all the best for the rest of the year and her career! I strongly believe there is a lot of great things coming for her 🙂

If you want to follow and support Mona, you can do it via her Facebook fanpage here

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