Interview with… Katerina Siniakova

Crédit photo : @Tennisandco

Crédit photo : @Tennisandco

Katerina Siniakova will be in New York in less than two weeks to play the last Grand Slam of the season, the US Open. But in the meantime, the Czech player has very kindly accepted to take some of her time to answer my questions. Few weeks ago, Katerina Siniakova played the first WTA final of her career in Bastad, and even if she didn’t win the title, it was a really great week for her, and just another step to the highest level. And this season, the player from Hradec Kralove who is training with her father Dmitri Siniakov, Vladimír Volejník, Daniel Filjo and the tennis legend Helena Sukova also managed to win the 7th ITF title of her career. After a 2015 season with ups and downs, the talented Czech is climbing again in the WTA ranking, slowly, but surely improving week after week… In this interview, Katerina Siniakova talks about different topics including, her season, her game, playing doubles, and many other things like her wish to be able to teleport from one place to another 🙂

First of all, how do you judge the first part of your season ? With an ITF title, a WTA final and your best performance in a Grand Slam, I guess you’re pretty satisfied…
Yes, my first part of the season was quite good. I feel my performances are getting better and better. I am really happy that I won another ITF title.

About the tournament in Bastad, it was your first WTA final… What was your feeling at the end of this great week for you ?
Of course I was sad that I lost. But anyway the week was brilliant. I was very happy to play the final and I hope it was not my last one 🙂

You’re one of the players who manages to have great results in singles and in doubles. But isn’t it too hard to try to be on top in singles and doubles at the same time ? It must take you a lot of energy…
It can take a little bit more energy, but I like to play doubles and I think I am playing pretty well in doubles. Anyway, singles is my priority.

Always about doubles, you showed you can beat the best teams with your friend Barbora Krejčíková, do you have any plan to play more events together in the future ?
We will play at the US Open together, then we will see.

If I’m right, you worked with tennis legend Helena Sukova… Do you still work with her ? And how great is it to receive advices from such great players with a lot of experience ?
Yes, she is. It is great, I really appreciate that she works with me.

What looks like a typical day in Katerina Siniakova’s life on the WTA tour ?
I wake up, make a little warm up, then I have breakfast, some practices, for sure lunch and dinner, then I relax, and that’s it 🙂

Maybe it’s not an easy question… but what are you the most proud of in your career so far ? And what are your biggest dreams ?
I think the final in Bastad is my biggest success so far. For my dream… I want to be world number 1.

I read on your WTA profile that your favourite city is Paris… So, I can’t not ask you if it’s true. And if it is, what do you love about this city ?
It is really nice to just walk around in the centre of the city. I like to come back there.

If you could asked three wishes to the Genie, what would they be ?
Tough one 😀 I would wish to stay healthy through all my tennis career as long as possible, to have a chance to move from one place to another anytime really fast to see my family and friends more often, and as at the moment we have the Olympics, I would wish to be flag bearer of my country, it would be really nice 🙂

And to finish, some quick fire questions 🙂

Favourite surface ? Hard
Favourite tournament(s) ? Australian Open
Favourite city ? Paris
Favourite food(s) ? I do not know, but I know sea food is not my favourite for sure:)
Favourite book(s) ? Detective books
Favourite singer(s) ? No one is for me like a real favourite, but I like many songs from Taylor Swift
Favourite movie(s) ? Mamma Mia
Favourite TV show(s) ? I do not have
Interests away from tennis ? Music

I would like once again to thanks Katerina for her time. I wish her all the very best for the rest of the season and her career! I really believe there is a lot more great things coming for her in the future 🙂 POJD!!

If you want to follow and support Katerina, you can do it via her Facebook fanpage here or her official website here 🙂

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Crédit photos : @Tennisandco

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