Getting to know the job of… WTA physiotherapist, with Erin Cubick


New episode in my series of interviews to discover the job of people who are working around the professionnal tennis players. After the jobs of PR manager and chair umpire, I decided to focus my attention on the profession of physiotherapist. Often forgotten, these people are making an exciting and really important work behind the scenes to help athletes to achieve optimal performance. And to learn more about the profession of physiotherapist, I would like to express my warmest thanks to the WTA and Erin Cubick, Manager at Sport Sciences & Medicine, Athlete Care at the WTA, to have taken the time to answer my questions to let you discover this dream job.

What are the missions of a WTA physiotherapist?
Within the Sport Sciences & Medicine Department, we offer all our athletes the highest quality and most state-of-the-art comprehensive care with emphasis on prevention. We strive to minimize injuries, promote overall safety, health, and well-being, and help the athlete achieve optimal performance. Guided by this philosophy, the Sport Sciences & Medicine Department contributes to the WTA’s position as the leading global sport for women.

What is involved in an average day away on tour?
In the morning, the Sport Sciences & Medicine staff meet to discuss all the athletes playing a match on that particular day. We also talk about any players who have pertinent medical conditions we need to address. We start our day in Read more