Barbora Stefkova : « I want much more »

Crédit photo : Jiří Vojzola

Crédit photo : Jiří Vojzola

When I had the chance to ask some questions to Barbora Stefkova one year ago, the Czech girl was 450th on the WTA ranking. One year later, the talented player made a great step forward, despite two injuries and a graduation she is now into the WTA top 300. A great step, but Barbora Stefkova wants more. “Work hard, dream big”, that could be Barbora Stefkova’s motto. After she won her first 25 000 $ on the ITF tour this year, the player from Olomouc knows she can do better. And for sure, there is a lot more to come for the still pretty young and talented Czech player because she definitely has the great state of mind to reach her goals and achieve some great success in the tennis world. In this little interview Barbora Stefkova talks about her injuries, her improvements, what looks like a typical day in her life and some more things 🙂 French version

First of all, how do you judge your 2015 season so far ? You just reached the highest singles ranking of your career, so I guess you are pretty happy…
Well, I had two injuries at the beginning of the year, then my graduation in school, so I think this season is a little bit better than I expected. I already won my first 25 000$ ITF tournament and reached the WTA top 300, so I am very motivated for the upcoming work. I’m happy that I reached top 300, but I want much more. I would like to be as high on the ranking as I could at the end of this season.

In which compartment(s) of your game do you think you have the most improved lately ?
I think my serve improved, but I am still working on it. Also now I know how to play better tactically.

You won your first match on the WTA tour this year 🙂 what’s the biggest difference(s) you have seen between WTA and ITF tournaments ?
The organisation for sure, and also the opponents. On WTA tournaments you play only top players. You don´t have any Read more…