Interview with… Barbora Strycova

Photo credit : Barbora Strycova's Instagram account

Photo credit : Barbora Strycova’s Instagram account

Barbora Strycova will be in Indian Wells in just few days to play the first Premier Mandatory tournament of the season, and one week ago, the Czech player has very kindly accepted to take some of her time to answer my questions. Few month ago Barbora Strycova won the final point with Karolina Pliskova in the Fed Cup final in Prague and gave a 4th title in 5 years to Czech Republic! And this season, the player from Plzen who is now training with Tomas Krupa managed to keep a very high level. Indeed, Barbora Strycova already beat a top 5 player, Garbine Muguruza at the Australian Open, and reached a Premier final in Dubai few weeks ago… After a 2015 season with ups and downs, the talented Czech is climbing again in the WTA ranking, and it’s probably just a beginning for the one who has a big goal this year… to be at the Olympic Games in Rio! Apart from this, Barbora Strycova also talks in this interview about changes in the game these past years, what looks like a typical day of her life on the tour, and many other things like her dream to have a coffee shop 🙂

2016 will be a very special year for every athletes with the Olympic Games in Rio… You already had the chance to be part of the Olympics in 2004 and I guess it’s a big goal for you to be there again ? Yeah, it is a huge goal for me because it might be my last Olympics so I really want to be there and I will try everything to qualify.

You’re one the players who manages to have great results in singles and in doubles. But isn’t it too hard to try to be on top in singles and doubles at the same time ? It must take you a lot of energy…
It is not easy sometimes. If I play good in singles sometimes it is hard but I can’t complain because it is great to play in both competitions on big events. You have to take it how it is. And doubles can also give you good practices for singles.

Modern tennis is a lot about power and physical preparation… For someone like you who has many skills and have plan A, B or C in your game, isn’t too sad to see that technique and net game tend to disappear despite it’s not incompatible with power and physical aspects ?
Well, tennis is moving forward very quickly in a direction of playing with power. I don’t have that, so I have to work on what I have and to use all my plans A, B and C. Maybe it is a little bit sad because some years ago people could enjoy tennis more because there was more variations.

What looks like a typical day in Barbora Strycova’s life on the WTA tour ?
Well, if I have a match, I have a good breakfast and then I prepare myself, like warm up my body and hit some balls with my coach. Then I listen to some strategies and go play my match. After that it’s also important to save energy. So that is a match day. If I don’t have a match, usually I practice like 2 hours and do some yoga sometimes.

It seems that you’re getting better and better every year… what’s your secret ? 😉
I try to be better every day in little things which at the end are the big ones. I am not sure, maybe I know more what I need now and I’m working for it. I am more mature and also more experienced, so maybe that is why I get a little bit better. But there is no secret behind it.

This one is totally not tennis related, but need to ask you this because it seems you’re a fan of Star Wars… If it’s right, have you seen the last one, and if yes what’s your opinion about it ?
I didn’t see the last one and I am not a huge of Star Wars. I like Yoda 🙂

You still have several good years to enjoy on the tour, but do you already have any idea of what you would like to do after your tennis career ? Do you think you will stay in touch with tennis ?
I am not sure of how many years I will continue to play, but after tennis I want to settle down and do things I could not do during my career. I would like to stay in tennis for sure and also I would like to have a coffee shop, it is my dream.

And to finish, some quick fire questions 🙂

Favourite surface ? Hard and grass
Favourite tournament ? Wimbledon and Australian open
Favourite city ? London and New york
Favourite food ? Sushi and Czech food
Favourite book ? To na tobe doschne (a Czech book)
Favourite singer ? Pink, Bob Dylan and John Lennon
Favourite movie ? Horrible bosses
Favourite TV show ? Sex and the city
Interests away from tennis ? Fashion industry, watches and nature

I would like once again to thanks Barbora for her time because I know it wasn’t easy. And I wish her all the very best for the rest of the year and her career! I believe there is a lot more great things coming for her 🙂 I don’t know if she can be Master Yoda… But Master Barbora, definitely!

If you want to follow and support Barbora, you can do it via her Facebook fanpage here

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Photo credits : Barbora Strycova’s Instagram account

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