1st ITF 25 000$ title for Marie Bouzkova!

Crédit photo : Marie Bouzkova Facebook page

Photo credits : Marie Bouzkova Facebook page

The 17 years old Czech Marie Bouzkova won in Cuernavaca, Mexico, her first ITF 25 000$ tournament on Saturday. In the final Marie Bouzkova beat the American Lauren Albanese 0-6 6-0 6-1. A really great achievement for the young Czech talent who has now won 6 ITF titles in her career, and already 2 in 2016. And with her motivation and potential, there is no doubt that it’s just the beginning for the player from Prague.

Indeed, Marie Bouzkova hasn’t only won the biggest ITF title of her career so far. The Czech is simply having an amazing start of the season. A final in Fort -de-France, her first title of 2016 in Petit-Bourg, and now this title in Cuernavaca. So what is the secret of Marie Bouzkova ? Well, I think it’s just that she is a really down to earth person with an innate gift for tennis. She knows what she wants, she does what needs to be done to go where she want to be, but never forget from where she comes. For all those who would like discover a bit more Marie Bouzkova, you can read this interview she nicely accorded to me last year. One year later it’s obvious Marie improved a lot her game, but she is still the same nice person. And after her today’s win she was obviously very happy, and you can see it from her messages on her social media: “Won my first 25K title!! Thank you for your support! I had great time in Mexico! #‎pojď #‎TOP300 ✔ #‎TeamMary✨ ”

happy-smiling-marie-bouzkova-itf-trophy marie-bouzkova-big-serve-motion-pete-sampras-like-idol-of-the-czech-player marie-bouzkova-blonde-czech-tennis-player-best-trophies-room-success-hamr-tennis-akademy

Photo credits : Marie Bouzkova Facebook page

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  1. Encore un joli talent 🙂 ! je suis lui souhaite le meilleur pour cette saison et les saisons à venir.

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