Interview with… Antonia Lottner

Crédit photo : Antonia Lottner Facebook

Crédit photo : Antonia Lottner Facebook

Antonia Lottner is one of the numerous talented German players on the WTA tour. The player from Düsseldorf, who will play the ITF tournament in Hechingen from Monday, has very kindly accepted to take some of her time to answer my questions. After a tough period for her due to a foot injury, Antonia Lottner is now back at her best level and is having a good 2015 season so far with among others a title in Stuttgart-Stammheim and a final in Altenkirchen. And with the improvements made by the young player on her game as on her mental alongside her coach Gerald Mild, a lot of reasons to be optimistic for the rest of the year. Apart from her improvements, Antonia Lottner also talks here about her friendship with the Swiss player Belinda Bencic, her admiration for Roger Federer, what looks like a typical day of her life on the tour, and many other things, especially her tastes 🙂 French version

First of all, how do you judge the first part of your 2015 season ?
2015 started pretty well for me. I won the first tournament of the year, so it was a great start and apart from a few losses, I had a pretty good first part.

You recently switched from Prince to Wilson, did this change help you with your game ?
I think we can’t say that I played better because of a racket change. I was very successful with Prince as well and I just needed a change, and for me it was also really nice to go back to Wilson because I started as a little kid with Wilson.

In which compartment(s) of your game do you think you have the most improved lately ? And which compartment(s) do you think you still need to improve ?
For sure I improved my whole game. We worked a lot on the ground strokes. I got better in the Rallies and got more consistent. And I guess that mentally I made a big step forward. I still need to improve all my shots and for sure on my fitness to stay focused over the whole match.

You just reached your highest singles ranking… What’s your feeling about this ? And what are your goals for the rest of the season ?
I’m happy about that and it’s nice to see that the hard work pays off. I still have a long journey but I’m on the right way. I have the goal to be Top 200 at the end of the year and to play the qualies of the Grand Slams.

When you see what your great friend Belinda Bencic is doing I guess it’s pretty inspiring ?
It’s very rare that you are good friends with another Tennis player, but yeah, Belinda is one of my best friends and it’s really inspiring seeing her doing so well! I’m so proud of her and I hope that one day I will be where she is right now.

You unfortunately had a pretty long time off the courts due to an injury… what have you learned from this tough moment ?
I was unlucky with my foot injury but I’m glad it happened to me because I learned a lot about my body and what is good for me. I have a different feeling for my body now and I’m so thankful that I’m able to play again with no pain.

What looks like a typical day in Antonia Lottner’s life on the WTA/ITF tour ?
Waking up and having a nice Breakfast (I love Breakfast!!).
Then it’s time for practise and in the lunch time I love to read a good book or chill with some good music. Then it’s time for another practise and some fitness later on and after that I’m going to the physio. And in the evening I talk to my family or watch some movies or read a book.

If I’m right you’re a big fan of Federer… What do you admire about him and do you think he will win another Grand Slam ?
He’s incredible. He is such an inspiring athlete and I love the way how he plays on the court. I’m convinced that he can win another GS but it’s going to be very tough…

It’s probably not so easy to combine tennis and school… How far did you go in your education ?
It’s really hard! But I finally made it to finish my school and now I can focus on Tennis.

And to finish, some quick fire questions 🙂
Favourite surface ? Hardcourt
Favourite tournament ? Australian Open
Favourite city ? New York
Favourite food ? Pancakes
Favourite book ? “Gone Girl” and “The fault in our stars”
Favourite singer ? Ed Sheran
Favourite TV show ? Pretty Little Liars

Once again I would like to warmly thanks Antonia who is not only a talented player but also a very nice person. I wish her all the best for the rest of the year and her career! 🙂

If you want to follow and support Antonia, you can do it via her Facebook fanpage here

Crédit photos : Antonia Lottner Facebook

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