Getting to know… Marie Bouzkova


Crédit photo : Marie Bouzkova’s Facebook

Marie Bouzkova, 16-years-old, is probably one of the most promising Czech tennis players. Thanks to an excellent 2014 season, where she in particular won the US Open junior title, the young player from Prague climbed from the 1195th to the 468th spot on the WTA ranking. And every week passed on the tour, Marie Bouzkova is improving, so there is no doubt that you will hear more and more about her in the coming months and years. Whereas she is preparing the 2015 season, Marie Bouzkova has very nicely accepted to take a bit of her time to answer my questions to allow you to get to know her a bit more…

First of all, how did you get into tennis ?
My whole family played or still plays tennis, so my parents got me involved in it too and I started practicing at very young age.

How would you describe your playing style and what are your strengths ?
I think I am an all-court player and I would consider movement on court and my solid ground strokes as my main strengths.

You had an amazing year, especially with an US Open junior title, but also some great ITF performances… What is your feeling about this past season and your achievements ?
Over all, I think I had a good year, especially the end of the season with my US Open victory and some very good matches in Toronto on the 50 000 $. And going into doubles finals of Wimbledon was very speacial for me, so I feel quite confident going into the next season.

When you won this US Open trophy you received congratulations from Petra Kvitova… I guess it was nice to see a champion like her thought of you ? 🙂
Yes, receiving a congratulation message from Petra was very special and I was very surprise that she found time to congratulate me.

For a young player like you, having a former top 10 player like Jiri Novak as a coach must be a real plus, right ?
Yes, it is. Jiri is a great player, a great coach and most importantly, he is a great person. When I am in Czech Republic, I always enjoy playing with him.

What are your goals for the upcoming season ?
I will focus on more Womens ITF tournaments, so my goals are to play good matches there and stay healthy!

Who are your tennis idol, and why ?
I’ve always liked Pete Sampras’ game. And from present players, I like Nadal’s game because of his great movement on the court and the will to give 100% in every match.

What’s your favorite surface, tournament and city ?
My favourite surface is hard, I love the US Open and Wimbledon, and my favourite city is probably New York.

What do you like to do to relax in your spare time ?
When I’m not on court, I study a lot in my off time and enjoy just being around my family and friends.

And to finish, if you could asked three wishes to the Genie, what would they be ?
Hum… I would ask for all-time health, luck in anything I do, and for my family to stay the way each member is now 🙂

If you want to follow and support Marie, you can do it via her Facebook fanpage here

Crédit photo : Marie Bouzkova’s Facebook page

marie_bouzkova_dalma_galfi_wimbledon_junior_doubles-final_trophy_ceremony marie_bouzkova_with_us_open_junior_title-smile_czech_tennis marie_bouzkova_rafael_nadal_fan_off_court_wimbledon_after_practice

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