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Carina Witthöft is one of the many young and talented WTA tennis players from Germany. The young lady from Hamburg recently had some great success by winning 3 ITF titles in a row, and being undefeated since 17 consecutive matches. Right after her most recent success, in Saint-Malo, and whereas she was travelling to Shrewsbury, Carina has very nicely accepted to take a bit of her time to answer some of my questions in order to allow you to get to know her a bit better…

First of all, how do you judge your season so far ? With the 7th ITF title of your career, I guess you are pretty happy…
Indeed! First I won in Hechingen to defend my title, only a few weeks later I won again in Barnstaple – in Singles and Doubles this time. And now Saint-Malo $50.000, my biggest title so far in my career! Of course I’ve gained a lot of confidence with these titles. And there are still some good chances and tournaments to play this year so I really look forward to the coming weeks. The only small downer is that I didn’t make it to the main draw at the US Open, but I’m still young and hopefully I’ll be able to make it next year.

What do you consider as your main strength(s) ? And which compartment(s) of your game do you think you still need to improve the most to continue your progression ?
I think the motivation to train hard every day is one of my biggest strengths. I’m working hard to become a good all-round player. Backhand, forehand, footwork, endurance, service, mobility, etc. – I’m trying to get as much as versatile as I can.

What are your goals at present ?
The next step for me is making it to the Top-100 in WTA-Rankings, but I’ll need some more wins for that obviously. But I’m looking with a positive attitude into the future and I believe that I will achieve my goals.

What do you like to do to relax in your spare time ?
Nothing too special I would say! I just enjoy spending time with my family at home or hanging out with friends. And like every girl I love to go shopping as well! 🙂

Who were your tennis idols when you were growing up, and why ?
I might be a little too young to see her playing in her prime, but Steffi Graf is obviously one of the greatest tennis players ever. Today I look up to Roger Federer and admire Maria Sharapova. Both of them still inspire me in different ways.

What’s the secret of Schleswig-Holstein to have such great tennis players like you, Mona Barthel, Angelique Kerber and Julia Görges ?
I never thought of this. It may just be a coincidence, but in fact there are a lot of talented and great tennis players in Germany, not only in Schleswig-Holstein, such as Andrea Petkovic, Sabine Lisicki, Annika Beck and many more.

As you said, more generally, there is a lot of great German WTA players from the current generation, but also from the young generation, with players like you, Annika Beck or Antonia Lottner, I guess it’s pretty motivating !
Of course it’s really motivating and fun at the same time. It’s important for me to be in touch with other young German players so we can share our experiences on and off the court.

How far did you go in your education ? Isn’t it too hard to combine tennis and studies ?
Last year I finished school with my A-level exams. It was really important for me to finish school first and having a plan B. Now I can fully focus on my career, which is great.

And to finish, if the Genie asks you what are your three wishes, what would they be ?
Haha – good question! Well, first a Grand Slam title, second the participation at the Olympic Games and third: Three more wishes! 😉

If you want to follow and support Carina, here is her official Facebook page here

Crédit photo : @CarinaWitthoeft

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