Questions to Klara Koukalova


Few days before the beginning of the Sparta Prague Open 2014, the Czech player Klara Koukalova has very nicely accepted to take some of her time to answer my questions. The Florianopolis champion,who is doing a great start of the season, particularly talks about her game, the Czech Fed Cup team and her new Facebook fanpage !

First of all, how do you judge the first part of your season ? With the 3rd title of your career in singles and 2 titles in doubles I guess you are pretty happy…
It is my best start of the year so far, I am very happy that I won WTA singles title after almost 9 years… I am also very happy with my doubles results this year, I never played that much doubles, I really enjoy it and I have a best ranking, so I am very satisfied.

You switched from Wilson to Head at the beginning of the season, did this help you with your game ?
I changed my racket after 15 years, to decide to change was not easy, I was looking for more control and I found it in Head racket.

However, which compartment(s) of your game do you think you still need to improve the most ?
I still can improve in all compartments of my game but the most time I am working on my serve.

What are your goals at present ?
I have my own goal which is only for me and my coach (editor’s note : Igor Brukner) and I never talk about it but the most important is to stay healthy.

What do you like to do to relax ?
I love to spend time with my family and my three dogs (editor’s note : Alf, Rex and Toby). That’s the best way to relax for me.

Lucie Safarova recently joined Twitter, Andrea Hlavackova and Petra Kvitova have already done it earlier… When we will see you there ?
I just created my fanpage on Facebook and I am taking care of it, come to see my fanpage 🙂 (here is Klara’s official fanpage :

The Czech team just reach its 3rd Fed Cup final in 4 years… What’s the secret of this team ? And what’s the secret of your country to produce so many talented players ?
It is amazing success to reach the Fed Cup final again and it’s a great honor to be a part of this strong team of great players and great team spirit.

I read that you would like to stay in touch with tennis after your career, maybe as a coach, is it true ?
I hope that I will stay couple more years on WTA tour as I didn’t reach my own goal yet. After my career I would like to have a family and take care of it but of course I would like to stay in touch with tennis.

And to finish, if the Genie asks you what are your three wishes, what would they be ?
Health for everybody, happiness for everybody and big family full of love.

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