5 questions to Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova interview Roland Garros in Paris

The lovely Czech player Petra Kvitova, who is currently playing the second Grand Slam of the year in Paris, has kindly taken some of her time to answer few questions for this blog about the first part of her season, Roland Garros and Paris.

How do you judge the first part of your season ?

You know that I didn’t start pretty well in Australia, I had quite a tough month there. It wasn’t nice for me for sure. Normally I’m playing well in Australia and not this year and it was quite tough to still believe in myself. I tried to build the confidence again and it’s something that takes a lot of nerves and feelings in my minds and then I start pretty well, I had a good 2 matches in the Fed Cup tie and then I played quite well against Serena in Doha and I think that match was a turning point for me. I getting to know that I can really play against the best players and I can beat them, unfortunately I didn’t, but maybe that’s the better position for me, and of course to win Dubai was very nice for me and it’s always a great feeling to win a title. I’m trying still improve my game and every tournament is new, every match is quite tough from the 1st round so I’m quite happy so far.

You have rather good memories in Paris with a title in Coubertin in 2011 and a semifinal in Roland Garros last year. Paris is a lucky city for you, isn’t it ?

I hope so, I like Paris for sure and I had pretty nice memories, it’s something different to play indoors or outdoors on the clay in a grand slams. Both of them are great tournaments and of course a grand slams for me is something really special, I always want to play my best as at other tournaments. The semifinal from last year is a really great job and it will be quite tough to replay it this year but anyway I mean that’s something what we are playing with the pressure on the back and that’s what we need.

Ready to pass one more step this year in Roland Garros ? Or maybe even two 😉

I can’t tell like this. I mean it’s pretty tough draw from the 1st round and of course that I will try my best and play my best tennis there and try to beat everyone who is on the other side but who knows.

What do you prefer in Paris? What’s your favorite part of the city ?

I mean the all city it’s very beautiful and I can find a lot of things there. Unfortunately I went only for Arc de Triomphe. I hadn’t time to visit but anyway I’m there for the tennis and tennis is priority for me over there and then I cannot go somewhere else but who knows.

What time do you usually wake up and what’s your favorite breakfast ?

Wow… It depends, I’m quite early bird so I can wake up at 7.30 for example so I have a pretty long day then but I’m quite tired by the evening. But what I have normally for breakfast. I mean some bread with eggs, it is normal for me and fruits.

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